Setting the standard in workplace wellbeing


At Birchwood Park we’ve been focused on employee wellbeing for almost 20 years, and it’s something the property industry is now increasingly viewing as a top priority. Developers are creating ‘well buildings’ to enhance employee wellbeing, and ultimately improve recruitment and retention for businesses requiring highly skilled talent that expects more than the four walls of the office.

Whilst wellness is not a new concept, recent years have seen more detailed research into factors that affect both the health and happiness of workers, providing a greater understanding of how to improve workplace productivity and achieve that all important work-life balance.

A 2016 report by Savills found the length of the commute to work to be the biggest concern for UK employees – something that can cause stress at the start and end of the day – whilst comfort, temperature and lighting are most important for wellbeing at work. The report also suggests that that the workplace has a negative impact on the physical health of 31 per cent of UK workers, with 28 per cent saying the same of their mental health.

There is a lot that can be done to combat these issues however.
We’re incredibly proud of the wellness initiatives we have in place at Birchwood Park, from our landscaped surroundings, to the on-site gym, yoga sessions and community events, but we’re always looking at how we can do more. Last year saw the completion of Birchwood’s major road improvement scheme, the ‘Pinch Point’ project. We initiated and co-funded the project which has been transformational – reducing peak hour congestion by 19 per cent. More recently we’ve introduced mindfulness sessions due to high demand.

Wellness may not have historically been a high priority for many businesses, but 2017 has given it it’s time to shine and at Birchwood Park we plan to continue setting the bar for employees and businesses to expect more.

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