Circus Extravaganza at the EngineRooms: A Spectacular Success

The EngineRooms recently played host to a dazzling outdoor event that brought the magic of the circus to life

With a vibrant circus theme and an array of fairground rides, the festivities were set to impress, welcoming a bustling crowd of 600 team members for their annual Summer event.

The team at the EngineRooms went above and beyond to ensure the event’s success, seamlessly managing both the event coordination and catering services. Attendees were treated to a delectable spread featuring homemade pizza, a sizzling burger bar, a savoury bratwurst station, an irresistible ice cream corner, and a bespoke bar serving up refreshing drinks.


With their comprehensive support and dedication, the EngineRooms proves to be an ideal choice for any event, ensuring smooth execution and unforgettable memories.

Thanks to our flexibility, the EngineRooms was able to open its doors at the weekend for the client, creating a large private space for the ticketed event, with security on hand just in case. This event serves as a testament to the venue’s adaptability and the team’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional experiences.

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