Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files stored in your browser which are used by the vast majority of websites for a variety of reasons, such as personalising your experience and recording how you use the website to help with future improvements.

During your visit to this website, you will automatically download these files to your device. The cookies we use do not identify you as an individual, only the device you are using and are only active when you are on our website.

Use of cookies

Below are a list of cookies deployed on this website and what they do.

Cookie name Description
ASP.NET_SessionId This cookie is necessary for the site to work and is set even if you do not accept our cookies. It contains no personal information.
PRUM_EPISODES This cookie is used for real time performance monitoring of the site.
__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz, __utmt, _ga,  _gat_netwxTracker
These are deployed by our Google Analytics. They collect information such as the pages you visit, the length of time you spend on the site and what browser you are using. This information helps us improve and optimise the site in the future.
site-privacy This cookie remembers that you have accepted cookies from our website so you are no longer presented with the header bar prompt.
uit, uvc, ssc, ssh, sshs, bt, bt2, di, di2, loc, uid, um, km_ai, dt, __atuvc, _conv_r, _conv_s, _conv_v
AddThis uses these cookies for things such as tracking how often the share functionality is used and which services are chosen. You must accept cookies for this functionality to work.
BIRCHWOOD_LOGIN This cookie is used to track logins to the Availability section of the site. Contains no personal information.
BIRCHWOOD_SHORTLIST This cookie allows us to remember the properties you have added to your shortlist.
cookietest Used to determine whether the device has cookies enabled so items can be added to the shortlist.