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Combat the winter blues down on the Park

With the festive season now well and truly behind us, the run up to the start of spring can be a tricky and challenging time for some – in fact, recent Birchwood Park research has revealed that 43% of those questioned suffer, or have suffered with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) – highlighting just how bad the long dark nights and cold days can make you feel.

Top symptoms of SAD include fatigue (82%), low energy levels (76%) and low mood (73%), and here on the park we know just how important it is to put employee wellbeing at the top of the agenda – it can make a real difference to productivity and efficiency.

With 95% of respondents admitting they often make it into work despite feeling stressed, down and generally unwell, its clear that a little consideration into making the workplace an enjoyable place to be is imperative. Shockingly, almost two thirds (66%) of people still feel companies don’t currently do enough to address mental health issues at work, which reinforces how important our focus on wellbeing and fitness here on the Park.

Furthermore, 88% of those questioned felt businesses implementing small changes in the workplace can make a big different to employee mood. Flexible working hours (86%), mindfulness sessions (58%), free fruit and healthy snacks (56%) and more green spaces (41%) were all things that topped the list when it comes to suggestions on what can help improve mood and motivation.

To help uplift spirts here on the Park, we have a wide variety of perks which can help with wellbeing at work, from free water and fruit to blues-busting classes like Zumba and Tai Chi. Our survey shows that 72% of our occupiers take full advantage of the offering – and that they find it helpful when trying to combat the gloominess of the darker, colder days and nights and to generally feel more positive and energized.

Interestingly, the research marks October as the start of SAD season, with January being noted as one of the trickiest months to battle through when it comes to overcoming the winter blues. That’s part of the reason why we have lots of exciting activities packed into the first part of 2020, to help our occupiers feel good! From membership at our on-site gym Alive and Well, March’s Wellbeing Week and a whole host of one-off mindfulness and wellbeing activities. Make sure you download our Parklife app to keep up to date with the latest news – and get involved!