Launching the Birchwood Park webinar series!

04 August 2020

Following weeks of lockdown, feelings of uncertainty, and huge changes in the ways in which we work and even carry out our daily lives, it won’t come as a surprise that many of us will have been experiencing feelings of stress and anxiety – particularly whilst getting used to new working routines.

Looking after ourselves and our minds has never been more important, and so we’re excited to be kickstarting our brand-new webinar series by looking at ‘Wellbeing While Working’ with coach; Emily Brinnand.

A focus on wellbeing

This August, we are excited to announce the launch of our brand-new webinar series, which will see guest speakers invited to deliver a live talk across a range of topical subjects which will enhance your working week.

On Thursday 13th August, we will be welcoming our first speaker; wellness and mindfulness coach Emily Brinnand, of Matter of Mind Coaching. Emily will deliver a 30-minute virtual workshop designed to help each and every one of you achieve a greater sense of wellbeing whilst working – whether you’re making a return to the office, or remaining working from home.

Through mindfulness meditation, guided journaling and practical advice, you’ll be introduced to simple tools and techniques to calm the mind and body, so you can feel better and less anxious while working.

Key aims of the virtual workshop

  • To help individuals process the ‘new’ normal
  • To introduce ways to manage emotions more positively
  • How to try to create a work/life balance while working at home, or from the office, and the importance of self-care
  • To give tools and techniques to shift mindset and assess current routine so individuals can make positive changes if they feel they need to.

After the workshop, attendees will be encouraged to go away and practice the techniques covered in the session.

To book your spot on ‘Wellbeing While Working’ with coach Emily Brinnand, head to:

Spaces are limited, booking is essential.

Further information on our future webinars will be announced in the coming weeks across our website and social media channels.

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