Martin O’Rourke

Remembering to unplug

04 April 2018

How often do you leave the office and truly forget about work? Sure, a change of environment covers the physical get away, but I’ll be the first to admit that getting the mind away from work is a lot easier said than done.

It might be a quick sneak of your emails in the evening or spending an hour finishing off that important report over the weekend. But, often what can seem like just a small disruption to your life outside of work, can have a real impact on your wellbeing.

Taking the time to completely switch off from work can allow us to find a fresh perspective, relieve stress or worry, and significantly improve productivity when we are in the office.

During the working week, I regularly attend the yoga classes we run onsite at Birchwood Park, which forces me to take a break from the busy working day and put it all into perspective. And, at the weekends, I find time spent with the family walking around the Lake District can provide the perfect get away.

Find something that works for you. Whether it’s an exercise class, a form of meditation or even locking away your electrical devices when you get home so you can truly ‘unplug’. Down time is important and the benefits to wellbeing, enormous.

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