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Suite G08 Chadwick House

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Suite G08 Chadwick House

If you are looking for an office for a small team or a start up company, joining a building that is full of life will help both you and your employees feel part of something bigger. You can enjoy all the benefits of a head office location without the complications of a long lease.

Chadwick House overlooks the lake and the EngineRooms which offers a range of services including restaurants, cafes, business lounge, meeting rooms and 150 seat Generator. With over 40 companies, from a wide range of industries choosing to locate their offices here, Chadwick House offers a vibrant and thriving business community for any size company to join.

One of Chadwick House’s key benefits is it’s flexibility, it is rare to find a building of this quality that can accommodate such a wide range of size options. We can provide our customers with a location where they can grow their business without having to change address.

Recently refurbished, the extra benefits of working in Chadwick House include an impressive, manned reception area with a café serving Starbucks coffee and an informal lounge area with free WiFi to meet and greet visitors and colleagues.



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