Develop Your Personalised Wellbeing Action Plan

25 February 2021

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About the speaker: Khalil Rener
Khalil Rener is the Director at the workplace wellbeing consultancy Rener Wellbeing, as well as the National Workplace Movement Manager at Active Partnerships. He has run workplace wellbeing workshops with organisations from the likes of Deloitte, Sport England and Sapphire Systems as well as led workplace wellbeing strategy projects across the world, including one project with 50,000 staff over 103 countries.

Over the past year, working routines have changed drastically – sometimes multiple times over – and it’s safe to say keeping up to constant change and developing new routines has had an impact on our wellbeing. But, by setting realistic goals to help us overcome barriers to achieving greater wellbeing, we can ensure it becomes a priority and part of our everyday lives during these testing times.

Our fourth wellbeing webinar in the series will be hosted by Wellbeing Consultant Khalil Rener, Founder of Rener Wellbeing, who will deliver an interactive workshop to help you to develop a ‘Wellbeing Action Plan’ – to ensure wellbeing is a priority whilst our usual daily routines are disrupted.

This one-hour workshop will take place on Thursday 25th February at 12pm, and explore four major factors impacting our wellbeing: mental health, physical activity, sleep, and nutrition. Ahead of the session, participants are encouraged to download Rener Wellbeing’s action plan template, and after a discussion about each topic, participants will have all the tools to develop their own wellbeing action plan.

By the end of the session attendees will be left with a wellbeing plan that they can implement immediately and adapt to fit their lifestyle, and have the opportunity to share their ideas with Khalil and fellow attendees during a Q&A session.

The Wellbeing Action Plan covers:

  • Barriers to each area of wellbeing – what stops you from being well in each area?
  • Enablers for each area – what helps you to be well in each area?
  • Realistic action points for improving or maintaining wellbeing
  • The benefits that these actions may have on your life


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A little more about our speaker:

Khalil has years of experience helping organisations nation-wide in supporting employees to improve their wellbeing through a personalised and holistic approach.

To develop your ‘Wellbeing Action Plan’ on the 25th February, register below. Spaces are limited, booking is essential.

Further information on our future webinars will be announced in the coming weeks across our website and social media channels.