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History of Nuclear at Birchwood Park

  1. 1950s

    The genesis of the nuclear sector at the future Birchwood Park site began in the 1950s, as the UK government transformed a former ordnance factory into the headquarters of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA).

  2. 1956

    By 1956, the UKAEA established a centre for nuclear research and development to oversee all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle in the UK, from new build to decommissioning.

  3. 1970

    After rapid expansion in the subsequent years, the UKAEA became a major employer in the region, bosting a workforce of 4,500 by 1970 through te civil nuclear programme.

  4. 1980s-1990s

    With a solid foundation already built for nuclear research and development, nuclear activity expanded into nuclear waste management, decommissiong and commercial apllications throughout the 1980's and 1990s.

  5. 1998

    Benefitting from collaboration and networking opportunities that this growth generated, the site was considered a leading nuclear research and development hub at the time it officially became Birchwood Park in 1998.

  6. 2008

    The Northern Nuclear Alliance (NNA) is a membership-based organisation managed by a Steering Group. The NNA represents supply chain tiers in the industry, and uses its Birchwood Park base to promote the region as a centre of excellence for nuclear energy.

  7. 2009

    The government owned and operated nuclear services technology provider National Nuclear Laboratory let more than 17,000 sq ft at Birchwood Park's flagship office building Chadwick House. The NNL can trace its industrial ancestry back to the establishment of the Minsitry of Supply on the same site in 1946.

  8. 2017

    Leading nuclear services company, Cavendish Nuclear, let the entire 47,100 sq ft 106 Dalton Avenue at Birchwood Park due to its status as a world-class cluster for nuclear engineering, research and training programmes.

  9. 2022

    The global engineering and technology company, Jacobs, which is the largest occupier at the Park, joins the Northern Nuclear Alliance.

    In 2022, the Nuclear AMRC joined Birchwood Park as part of the Jacobs facilities, providing support for UK companies in the nuclear sector. The Nuclear adapts techniques from shipbuilding and aerospace for use in nuclear manufacturing at its R&D centre at the Park.

  10. 2023

    Warrington North MP Charlotte Nicolls, who is also the chair of the Nuclear All Party Parliamentary Group, visists Birchwood Park to commerate the "important work" completed at the nuclear cluster.

    Now home to 165 companies and 6,000 people, Birchwood Park conitnues to grow its nuclear cluster with some of the most prominent global nuclear companies, including Rolls-Royce, Nuvia, Cavendish Nuclear and Jacobs, now based at Birchwood Park.

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