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6 reasons to work with a personal trainer

01 July 2022

People want to work with personal trainers for a variety of reasons. Whether they want support to develop an individual program to support a fitness journey, weight loss goals, or even just benefit from the accountability that a personal trainer can provide.

Reasons to Hire a personal trainer - Birchwood Park

Sometimes people are worried about the potential cost that a personal trainer means, or might feel a little intimidated by working with a certified personal trainer. But membership at our Alive & Well gym on Birchwood Park will provide up to two personal training sessions per week at no extra cost.

Each experienced personal trainer is trained to work with clients of all backgrounds and fitness levels and the friendly approachable staff can devise a personal training program for everyone.

For those that are just starting out with exercise, or no longer seeing results from a current routine, then it’s time to get a fresh perspective and talk fitness goals with one of the trainers at Alive & Well. If you need more convincing, then here are our top six reasons to hire a personal trainer.

You are no longer seeing results

You have been exercising consistently for months and you’re still not reaching your goals – whether that it is to improve fitness, lose weight, improve your performance in your favourite sport, or build strength – there are several ways that working with personal training is extremely beneficial.

  • Examine your goals. A good trainer will support you to create realistic goals.
  • Stay motivated. By scheduling regular appointments with your personal trainer, it will help you maintain motivation levels to work out consistently.
  • Evaluate your current workout routine. A fitness professional will look at what you are already doing and make suggestions on how to change and improve workouts to make them more efficient.
  • Teach you. Whether you want to learn proper form or target specific muscle groups when lifting weights, your trainer can help.
  • And finally, they will hold you accountable. By becoming your workout buddy, a trainer will help you set short, and longer-term goals and check in on a regular basis to see how you are getting along.

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You don’t know where to begin your fitness journey

An experienced trainer will help you decide which exercise program will be right for you. It can include a mixture of cardio, and weight training, and offer you the flexibility of different exercises to do. Many trainers will help you navigate the process of deciding on your fitness goals and will include:

  • suggesting activities that work for you. For your body, schedule, and goals.
  • showing you how to choose exercises, weights, reps and number of sets to achieve your goals.
  • teaching you to get the most out of your workout routine.

You’ve fallen into an exercise rut

Many clients can find it’s been easy to fall into an exercise rut and do the same repetitive workouts over and over again. This can lead to a plateau in weight loss, as well as injuries and burnout.

An experienced exerciser, considering working out with a personal trainer will help you add variety to your workout. Consider hiring a personal trainer (or take advantage of  the sessions included  at Alive & Well) so you can:

  • Get a fresh perspective. A personal trainer can help design a personalised plan to make your workouts more interesting, more challenging and even just a bit more fun. For example, Alive & Well offer outdoor classes that will add variety to your workouts.
  • Be challenged. They will look at your performance during workouts and be able to suggest improvement areas, or where you could push yourself a little harder for a healthier future.
  • Find new ideas and try out new equipment. All our trainers are experienced in many different forms of exercise – so if there is one that you want to try – our trainers will help you out. Want to learn more about high-intensity interval training (HIIT), or wondering how to incorporate the latest TikTok exercise craze into your routine – we’re looking at you 12-3-30 – then our knowledgeable team are on hand to help.

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You need challenging

If you are ready to take your training to the next level, an experienced personal trainer will help. They will:

  • Help you train for competitive events. Fancy taking on a 5k, or the next Tough Mudder? the trainers are on hand to help to guide you through it.
  • Push your limits. If you want to lift heavy weights, or push through to improving your 10K time, a trainer can help. They will advise on good form, and spot you on more challenging exercises.
  • Offer you more accountability. They will help you with partner exercises, or even add a competitive element to your sessions.

Yes, you can do one more rep.

You need accountability and motivation

Motivation can come from all sorts of places, and whilst you have the motivation to do some exercise – such as improving your fitness levels or aid recovery from old or chronic injuries, you might need an extra motivator to keep you going. By working out with a personal trainer, you are creating your own motivation through:

  • Accountability. Knowing that someone is going to ask about your workouts, or how your eating plan is going will make you less likely to skip workouts.
  • Commitment. There is nothing like a regularly scheduled appointment to make sure you stick to a plan. You won’t want to let your trainer – or yourself down.
  • Time. Your time is precious, so you want to invest it wisely.

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You have an injury, illness, or specific health condition

If you are injured or have an illness, your doctor may want you to take some form of exercise to improve it. But how do you know where to begin safely?

This is where a personal trainer comes in. Our Alive & Well trainers work with all kinds of people, and clients who have specific needs.

Before you start working with a trainer, it is important to keep the following things in mind:

  • Always talk to your doctor and get the ok for exercise.
  • If you have a physical therapist, work with them to get a list of exercises you can do.

What to look for in a personal trainer

We provide a multi-disciplinary approach that ensures you can achieve your training goals, whatever they may be.

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Our team are all highly qualified in their areas of expertise, and as they have provided training programmes for people ranging from the everyday public through to elitist sports people and Olympic athletes, you can be assured that they have the experience to meet your own specific needs.

When you’re choosing a personal trainer to work with, look at their experience, credentials and qualifications.

An effective personal trainer is:

  • A good listener. They will listen to you and make sure they understand your fitness goals.
  • Always paying attention. They will focus only on you during your sessions.
  • Tracking your progress. They will regularly assess your progress and make any changes to your fitness plan.


Find out more about the Alive & Well gym, membership options and a full class timetable – you can visit the Alive & Well Gym website.

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