A career in nuclear energy at Birchwood Park

29 January 2024

Birchwood Park is the home to nuclear innovation here in the UK. The Park boasts a roster of world class, nuclear-based organisations that operate across the industry, including names such as Jacobs, Cavendish Nuclear, Nuvia and Rolls-Royce.

According to the Nuclear Industry Association’s annual Jobs Map analysis, employment in the UK nuclear industry has reached a 20-year high, with that trajectory set to only increase following the Government announcing a new ‘roadmap’ towards new nuclear power plants. With this in mind, has there been a better opportunity to kickstart a career in the nuclear sector?

As we stand at the crossroads of environmental challenges and the need for cleaner energy solutions, we discuss how a career in nuclear emerges not just as an incredible job opportunity, but as a commitment to building a greener and more sustainable future.

A rewarding role

A job in nuclear will provide you with a rewarding career with many perks. Offering a range of roles with some of the best salaries and work benefits, the nuclear industry is also a focal point for some of the most cutting-edge research and development in the country, constantly pushing our capabilities for clean energy technology. Nuclear professionals are at the forefront of innovation for a sustainable future, helping to shape the future of clean, Net Zero energy.

The nuclear sector also boats exceptionally low unemployment rates due to the specialised nature of the industry. Once securing a step on the ladder, most professionals with qualifications in the nuclear sector can enjoy job security and the confidence that they can find employment elsewhere, should they wish to leave.

Joining the nuclear industry therefore allows individuals to not only benefit personally in terms of growing and acquiring new skills, but it also ensures they play their part in the bid to become Net Zero in the coming decades, a challenge only overcome by workers joining more sustainable industries such as nuclear.

A career for the future

In today’s modern world of work, job markets can be volatile, but the nuclear industry stands as a beacon of stability. The UK Government’s recent announcement will mean the biggest expansion of nuclear power for 70 years, in order to strengthen our country’s energy security.

Even now in 2024, global energy demands are skyrocketing, and clean energy plays an extremely important role in meeting those needs. Electricity demand is expected to more than double by 2050, meaning our nuclear capacity will need to grow in order to keep up, resulting in more jobs and even more investment from the public sector.

The ever-growing demand for clean energy has created a landscape where unique skills are valued, and the future of nuclear energy is secure.

Joining a dynamic community

Working within the nuclear sector puts individuals at the very forefront of a dynamic and growing workforce. With access to a global talent pool, the industry attracts likeminded individuals from across the globe each with specialist skills and career experience. Bringing together diverse perspectives and cultural experiences, individuals can share ideas with colleagues from different backgrounds, expanding on their perspectives and learning from other unique approaches to energy solutions.

Beyond work, individuals in the nuclear industry have a shared cause, allowing for opportunities where colleagues can connect out of the workplace. Working in nuclear offers numerous industry events including workshops and conferences to build and enhance a strong professional network, while reiterating amongst each other the importance their industry is playing in achieving Net Zero.

If you’re looking for a career that’s diverse, intellectually stimulating, personally rewarding, and impactful on a global scale, then the nuclear industry beckons. Those working in the nuclear sector are actively striving towards a future of clean energy, a thriving planet, and a brighter tomorrow for the UK’s energy supply.

There are many career avenues to explore within the nuclear industry and many welcome a range of backgrounds, expertise and experience levels. Just recently, Nuvia hosted a Nuclear Careers Evening at Birchwood Park, with hundreds in attendance. As well as Nuvia, the event featured many of the Park’s other occupiers from within the industry, including: Jacobs, Rolls-Royce, NNL and also Sellafield, NSAN and Millbank.

To find out more about the Park’s nuclear history and commitments to sustainability, click here: Nuclear cluster

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