Balancing workplace productivity and wellbeing: Crafting an effective workplace programme

20 September 2023

As the modern workplace continues to evolve, so must the methods in which employers deploy to keep their workforce feeling content, satisfied and productive.

Although this can be somewhat of a balancing act, with meeting the needs of individual employees as well as the whole team, the rate that new attitudes, innovations and technological advancements are making it a necessity for standard business practises to change.

A recent study by PWC revealed that purpose, company culture and inclusion are key to ongoing employee concerns, with one in four employees (26%) likely to change jobs in the next 12 months.

With employee expectations changing, a viable and impactful solution must be implemented and regularly practised to avoid the risk of experiencing low rates of employee retention and satisfaction, both of which can be extremely damaging to the commercial success of any business.

Not without its challenges given that hybrid working is now become the new norm, but the value of creating a positive workplace culture and supportive environment cannot be overstated.

As Birchwood Park is the largest out-of-town business destination in the North West, our occupiers operate in a wide range of industries and are of varying sizes. However, the common denominator they all share is that they share pioneering community-led workplace experience.

At Birchwood Park, we firmly believe that a thriving business community is built upon a strong foundation of inclusivity, flexibility and collaboration.

As the Park’s philosophy centres around workplace wellbeing being an essential factor in enabling employees to reach their personal and professional potential, we want to share how we’ve fostered a place that enables employers and employees alike to thrive.

Promoting wellbeing

Personal and professional wellbeing sits at the core here at Birchwood Park. We understand that a healthy, happy workforce is a more productive one too. To foster this, we ensure that each occupier is able to experience and access range of amenities, green spaces, fitness classes, and on-site dining options, all geared towards promoting physical and mental health.

The importance of workplace wellbeing is applicable to all employees regardless of role, industry or sector. Workplace demands such as long hours, tight deadlines, and complex workloads, are sometimes required and inevitable. However, to combat these stress points, it’s crucial to prioritise the well-being of our workforce by ensuring their efforts are not only valued and supported but that they also feel safe.

As we are home to more than 6,000 individuals and 165 different companies, we have designed a have created our very own dedicated Wellbeing Hub which offers a wide range of best practise advice and tips to help it easier for businesses achieve greater wellbeing at work.

This includes our workplace wellbeing handbook, employee wellbeing calculator and our ready-made well-being package, which includes the on-site gym Alive & Well, in addition to entire weeks dedicated to well-being throughout the year.

When there is access to the best tools and initiatives that enables them to integrate wellbeing into their lives and carry out their jobs in the best possible way, each of our occupiers could achieve greater staff satisfaction, increased staff retention and a more productive workforce.

Our dedicated Park team has also curated numerous amenities to not only support the workplace wellbeing of our occupiers, but also boost their productivity and mental health during office breaks, lunch hours or when they are exploring the Park’s grounds.

Collaborative and Flexible Working at Birchwood Park

In a fast-paced work environment, collaborative working is vital. At Birchwood Park, we have developed inclusive workspaces that adapt to all business needs.

Our open-plan offices, communal areas, and meeting rooms are intentionally designed to encourage engagement and collaboration among workforces, which helps develop familiarity among colleagues, different teams, business leaders, and clients alike.

This approach cultivates a strong sense of community and positive working culture at Birchwood Park.

The perfect accompaniment to collaborative working is flexibility. With versatile workspace options on offer, comfort and connectivity is widely available throughout the Park. Coupled with high-quality dining options at the EngineRooms and expansive green spaces, this environment empowers employees to spark innovation, enhance creativity, collaborate outside the office, and impress clients during visits to Birchwood Park.

Community Building

In addition to supporting individual businesses, we also provide opportunities for employees to interact and engage with one another from other all corners of the Park. With various events scheduled throughout the year, we build a strong sense of community through our team ethos of “Expect More”.

With a diverse programme of “Perks of the Park” events, employees can partake in numerous out of office occasions, including live music lunches, Street Food menus, Starbucks cafes, Yoga sessions, Fun Runs and refreshing lunchtime walks.

For Birchwood Park occupiers, it’s not just about having a physical presence but being an integral part of the community.

In an era where the lines between work and personal life are increasingly blurred, we believe that a revitalised approach sets a new standard for workplace and personal productivity. Those that are already taking these refreshed approaches are reaping the rewards of a happier, healthier, and more engaged workforce.

It goes beyond a business strategy. Creating a more inclusive workplace, implemented a positive working environment and developing the lives of employees outside, as well as inside the office, will lead to further long-term success.

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