Creating Meeting and Conference Spaces to Empower Employees

24 February 2023

As the North West’s largest out-of-town business destination, we have created a pioneering community-led environment that enables employees to maximise their productivity through collaborative and inclusive experiences.

At Birchwood Park, we believe that building the foundations of collaboration starts with high quality meeting rooms and conference spaces.

To empower those attending conferences, events and meetings, it’s important for businesses and their leaders to not only focus on maximising physical space, but also providing amenities to support employees. This extra effort can make a significant difference.

Collaborative space needs to be viewed as a valuable asset that can not only help engage employees by catering to their workplace wellbeing needs, but also enable them to remain at their productive best.

In this blog, we will discuss what it takes to empower employees by optimising meeting and conference rooms, and ultimately provide best practise process to make spaces that work for businesses of all size and scale.

Different uses

Businesses need events space to help promote greater productivity. Meeting and conference rooms offer just that – a space for employees to communicate and collaborate in an open and freeing environment, away from their desk.

The greater the variety of space businesses can offer, the more value it will provide employees. Differing office spaces inspires more ways of working and can therefore a boost in productivity. Alongside this, flexible office space, ‘space’ that offers a variety of uses to the business, is also important when perhaps multiple meeting rooms aren’t in budget or fit-for-purpose.

Having flexible space that can be utilised as a meeting or conference room, as well as a room for a breakout session or brainstorming area, including outside event space, enables the team to adjust to the specific task at hand and establish an appropriate environment to successfully complete the activity.

Whether it’s a larger group, a breakout session or a presentation, the ‘feel’ of the surroundings and physical space they are in will affect the mindsight and focus of the team.

Brainstorm sessions for example, should foster creativity and collaborative work with breakout areas, whiteboards or canvas’ for sharing impromptu ideas. To further maximise the use of meeting rooms, having the latest technological appliances installed will enable efficient communications with the team, whether they are dialling in internally or presenting for clients across the UK and beyond.

When it comes to larger event spaces, flexibility is essential. This allows businesses to accommodate various uses based on specific needs, ensuring that the space can be tailored for different work activities on a daily basis, no matter the size that is required.

Purpose built

Auditorium space in particular should be purpose-built, poised to deliver a ‘wow’ factor to any conference or event held in the space.

The Generator at Birchwood Park offers exactly that. With big screen capability, The Generator is able to accommodate up to 150 delegates, boasts a private break out space, and an additional eight versatile event spaces nearby with room for small meetings of up to six delegates.

This ensures businesses both on the Park and off-site who require a day of team activity can use the variety of events spaces with each activity in mind. If it’s a breakout session, then the smaller events or meeting room spaces nearby should be useful. If it’s a conference required, ‘dialling’ in team members globally, then the auditorium is the best option.

When designing or expanding offices, businesses must therefore consider the core objective of the events space alongside the flexibility of the potential offering. This will ultimately ensure that the rooms are designed with a clear goal in mind – to support the needs of your employees and drive productivity.


For a more personalised and memorable working space, Birchwood Park has curated an unrivalled amenity offering to support the workplace wellbeing of our occupiers.

Our team has seen just how impactful high quality food and drink options, as well as outdoor spaces for fresh air and possibly a lunchtime walk, can help employees recharge and refocus during breaks, ready to pick up where they left off and continue working throughout the rest of the day.

The Birchwood Park EngineRooms are built with hospitality in mind. Not only home to some of the best meeting and events co-working facilities in the North West, but the amenities ‘package’ that comes along with the meeting room offering ensures your staff can truly enjoy their working hours.

The EngineRooms offer a number of freshly cooked food options, including street food and BBQs in the summer. Your staff can be serenaded with the live music offering too. If this wasn’t enough, then we would further encourage a walk through the Park’s green open spaces. Again, a perfect solution for clearing the mind after a busy morning spent in meetings.

Ultimately, businesses that want to get the most out of their staff need to ensure that the events space they offer works to support their wellbeing and productivity. Flexible co-working space, multi-purpose rooms and amenities on-site will ensure staff feel both calm but inspired to be creative in the next meeting or breakout session

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