Unveiling the Power and Potential of the UK Nuclear Industry at Birchwood Park: A business park built for the future

27 July 2023

Recognised as one of the most successful centres for Nuclear Services in the UK, Birchwood Park is already home to giants of the industry with a company roster including global technical and professional services firm, Jacobs, the Government-owned nuclear services technology provider, NNL, the engineering giant, Nuvia, Cavendish Nuclear and the globally-renowned manufacturer, Rolls-Royce.

As the Park is home to a wide range of office, warehouse and lab spaces, each nuclear-based occupier operates in purpose-built facilities to produce some of the most innovative and technologically advanced nuclear projects in the UK.

Despite the Park’s lasting legacy of over 60 years in nuclear development, which has established a strong foundation for today’s ever-growing nuclear cluster, it is the promising potential of the industry’s future that will maintain the Park’s leading position in the UK’s new nuclear revival.

As the Park is going to be a critical cornerstone of the UK’s new nuclear revival, we knew our own online platform and channels had to better reflect credibility and capabilities in housing the next generation of nuclear-based businesses.

Our new nuclear hub

To showcase not only the Park’s rich nuclear history, but its current status as a leading nuclear hub, we have designed, developed and launched a new nuclear hub that encapsulates the vibrant, inclusive, supportive and positive working environment that enables businesses in the Nuclear Services sector flourish.

From the implementation of an interactive timeline covering the Park’s nuclear progress, to a detailed breakdown of how our pioneering community-led workplace environment, as well as updated nuclear news from the Park, our new landing page highlights all the requirements needed for the development of nuclear-based businesses.

This is why we guarantee businesses can expect more at Birchwood Park. Our philosophy is to help all occupiers empower their employees by providing them with state-of-the-art facilities and ready-made wellbeing initiatives.

As we are now the North West’s largest out-of-town business destination, there is no better place for the UK’s new nuclear revival to thrive. And we at Birchwood Park, are already seeing the true potential of these businesses.

The future of Nuclear in the UK

Since the UK government announced the launch of the Great British Nuclear (GBN), it’s been an exciting time for the UK’s nuclear industry. The ambition of the GBN is to “drive the rapid expansion of new nuclear power plants in the UK at an unprecedented scale and pace.”

Estimated to generate around £6bn for the UK economy, the launch for GBN is certainly a game-changer for nuclear across the country, and we at the Park are excited to play a pivotal role in providing a working environment that helps companies develop and deliver cutting-edge nuclear technologies.

A key aspect of this environment is collaboration. At Birchwood Park, we have extensive experience in creating an inclusive culture that can cater to the needs of businesses in a variety of sectors. Our workspace can evolve to meet even the most specific demands, ensuring that all of our nuclear occupiers can fully benefit from collaborative working.

In order for the UK nuclear industry to reach its full potential, and provide real-world nuclear solutions, it is apparent that collaboration is key. Most recently, we’ve seen two of our leading nuclear occupiers take advantage of their close proximity and respective expertise on a major project.

The NNL has recently appointed the Park’s largest occupier, Jacobs, to procure more than 100 new remotely operated manipulator robots for its Windscale Laboratory in West Cumbria. Jacobs’ robotics specialists will be responsible for procuring replacement machines which will handle radioactive material for inspection or processing.

Wood Nuclear

In addition, Jacobs will also work with Cumbria-based engineering company Numech on the design and manufacture of dedicated liners to provide each manipulator with radiation protection in 12 of the facility’s highly radioactive caves.

With open plan office space, communal breakout areas, and array of meeting rooms have been deliberately designed to facilitate interaction, communication, and collaboration, we know how working in close proximity encourages teams, business leaders and clients alike, to share experiences, ideas and in an open forum.

Taking this approach has been essential in creating a strong sense of community and positive working culture, which sits at the heart of everything we do at Birchwood Park. Cultivating important conversations, generating innovative ideas and enhancing employee development, will certainly lead to more innovative and unique thinking, and unlock the full potential of their teams to achieve long-term success.

We’ve already witnessed the successes that come out of bringing people together in a physical space for collaborative work, and we anticipate this trend to fuel the future growth of the nuclear cluster.

Current Occupiers