Life on the Park: In conversation with Keith Wallace, Senior Director, Onshore Service Region UK and Ireland – Vestas

25 October 2022

Now home to more than 6,000 people from 165 companies, Birchwood Park’s status as a credible and coveted business destination in the North West of England is unmistakable. With a thriving culture and community-led workplace experience here at the park, our spaces are specifically designed to help inspire a workforce to reach their full potential and maximise their productivity.

As we continue to build upon our diverse roster of occupiers, we constantly see people in different roles, levels, sectors and industries, come together to partake in the pioneering facilities, services and amenities situated throughout the entirety of the park.

The success of Birchwood Park, however, is underpinned by the innovative and ambitious businesses that are proud to call it their home. With our working environment made up of regional, national and international businesses alike, we wanted to showcase specific organisations to find out about their positive workplace experience at Birchwood Park.

In this edition, we hear from Keith Wallace, the Senior Director of Onshore Service Region UK and Ireland at the sustainable energy solutions specialist, Vestas.



The company, which designs, manufactures, installs, and services wind turbines around the globe, currently employ 115 people across two offices at the park. Having occupied the current space for approx. 15 years, Keith explains that although there are many reasons they are long-standing occupiers, it is firstly down to the park’s “amazing location.”

This played a critical factor when Vestas’ lease was up for renewal five years ago. Keith says, “when the company was evaluating whether the park was the right fit or not for us going forward, the location of the park and accessibility to the offices was too desirable to give up.”


As a company that uses industry-leading data and technological solutions, being able to reach a high-performing talent pool is also critical, Keith reveals. “Not only is it perfect for commuters, but due to the park’s catchment area we have access to a huge supply of highly skilled and talented people,” he says.

With discounted bus tickets, long and short stay car parks and situated less than half an hour from both Manchester and Liverpool, Birchwood Park is perfectly located to reach clients and recruit talent.

Birchwood Park preservation

In addition to enjoying the benefits of approaching a highly skilled workforce, Keith also says that during the recruitment phase it is extremely helpful to show prospective candidates that their offices are in an environment that “is a really attractive place to work.”

He explains, “the park’s facilities are great and very well kept. The entire team at Birchwood Park are extremely responsive, and supportive and goes above and beyond to ensure all our needs are met, no matter how complex they are. Ever since we’ve been here, the park’s high standards have never waned, nor has the team’s commitment to maintaining the upkeep of the whole park. It’s comforting to know, from an employee, employer and client perspective, that the facilities won’t ever be at risk of getting run down.”

Known for our onsite amenities, Birchwood Park enables occupiers to enjoy an array of food and drink offerings, including an onsite Starbucks, gym facilities, flexible co-working spaces, bespoke wellbeing initiatives, childcare services and even a 103-bedroom boutique hotel.

Speaking on behalf of the Vestas employees, Keith says, “the gym is used quite often by many of our staff members and the catering facilities are exceptional, specifically The Wood Shed.”

With a changing menu of artisan street food, Keith reveals that the introduction of The Wood Shed “made a big difference, and show’s that the Birchwood Park team listened to our feedback, which is hugely valuable.”

Hybrid working – Impact of covid-19

Although the worst of the pandemic is now behind us, the evolving ways in which we work are here to stay.

With entire companies regularly practising a hybrid working approach, Birchwood Park reacted to occupier needs to ensure it is fit-for-purpose and can adapt to the modern way of working. The whole site is therefore designed to provide many versatile workspace options as possible, promoting flexibility and versatility throughout.

With a community-led working environment, the park already prioritises workplace wellbeing and positive community culture, which as Keith says is very much needed “to encourage people to come into the workplace.”

Like the majority of businesses, Vestas implemented remote working in the early stages of the pandemic, but the company now operates a hybrid model. With employees travelling to the office three to four times a week, Keith comments, “we definitely see the benefits from having our employees in the office, especially from a leadership and mentoring perspective. When people are in the office, there are also extra elements of collaboration and connection throughout the entire company, which is really beneficial.”

Despite working from home seemingly more convenient for some, Keith admits that due to Birchwood Park’s community-led environment “people are always willing to come in, which is what we prefer. So having offices in such an inviting scenery and accessible location has, and continues to be hugely positive for us.”

Please don’t hesitate to find out about the diverse range of office spaces available at Birchwood Park, we are always happy to help!



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