Net Zero in Action: Birchwood Park’s Commitment to Creating Sustainable Business Practices

06 September 2023

No matter the industry or the size, businesses are coming under increasing amounts of pressure to take accountability of their own environmental impact and to adopt more sustainable practises.

With concerns around climate change constantly growing, companies failing to embrace sustainability are not only at risk of significantly damaging their reputation and brand image, but to also lose opportunities to secure new clients, customers and investment.

Committed to contributing to the UK’s social and economic sustainability future, we at Birchwood Park offer a community-led workplace experience that provides greener, safer and environmentally-friendly spaces.

As the North West’s largest out-of-town business destination, we are aware of the impact that the Park can have on the environment. However, we try our best to make decisions for our managed areas to ensure we can support our occupier’s to be sustainable too.

As part of this, the Park has made a commitment to reduce carbon emissions and we are working to towards becoming Net Zero in all our managed areas and buildings by 2030.

A Vision for Sustainability

Forming a central part of our core values, the work to constantly improve the sustainability of the Park has been ongoing since 1998 when Birchwood Park evolved from what was the UKAEA. In that time, we are extremely proud to have created a modern, efficient, and resourceful workspace that easily aligns with our occupiers’ own sustainable requirements.

Our strategic location, onsite amenities and extensive facilities enable businesses to flourish while minimising their environmental impact.

This has been achievable due to the efficient use of resources by the Park’s team. Since obtaining IS0 14001 accreditation in 2009, our commitment to developing eco-friendly practices have been unwavering. We switched to 100% renewable energy suppliers, and we ensure that no waste is sent directly to landfills, with over 70% of waste being recycled annually – well above UK averages.

We are always looking for greater efficiency and waste reduction by closely monitoring and auditing our energy and water usage. Our commitment is more than just operational. We have implemented an award-winning travel plan to support our occupiers in adopting greener commuting alternatives.

To encourage greener travel, we provide a free Shuttle bus link exclusive to our occupiers connecting to Birchwood Station, as well as exclusive discounts of approximately 50% on Warrington Bus saver tickets.

In addition, we offer high quality facilities for cyclists, some of the best in the area and facilitate an online car-sharing platform to further reduce single occupancy car use. Regular events are organised to promote greener travel practices, solidifying our commitment to fostering a sustainable business environment for all occupiers.

Building an engaging and sustainable business community

As our community-led workplace environment prioritises sustainability, we support an effective and sustainable ecosystem with numerous wildflower beds and ample green spaces across the Park. These areas create a vibrant habitat to help boost the wellbeing of employees during their lunches, breaks, and before and after their workday.

We also maintain on-site bee hives that provide a home for over 30,000 bees, and support wildlife wellbeing by installing bird boxes, bat boxes and bug hotels throughout the Park.

In addition, we’ve introduced a tree management scheme, aligning with the UK Government England Trees Action Plan. Whenever a tree has come to the end of its life, we replant new trees and add more where possible to enrich the natural landscape and contribute to a greener future.

We also actively engage in giving back to the local community by organising various events throughout the year, aimed at raising funds for local charities. Our team members take on volunteer roles regularly, and we encourage our occupiers to join us in lending a helping hand to support our local community.

At Birchwood Park, our team ethos of “Expect More” has culminated in the creation of the unique Parklife experience for our occupiers. Through our “Perks of the Park” events, we offer a range of enjoyable activities, including live music lunches, Street Food menus, Starbucks cafes, revitalizing Yoga sessions, invigorating Fun Runs, vibrant allotments, and refreshing lunchtime walks.

By creating a sustainable community for all our occupants and prioritizing the efficient use of resources, Birchwood Park showcases how businesses can actively contribute to a healthier planet. As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, Birchwood Park is leading the way, demonstrating that responsible business practices can create a positive impact on both the environment and the economy.

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