Why developing a positive company culture can help your team reach their personal and professional potential

12 May 2023

In the post-covid years, the importance of workplace wellbeing has become increasingly recognised, with many companies implementing programs and initiatives to prioritise employee health and happiness.

However, at Birchwood Park we understand that workplace wellbeing is not just a nice-to-have perk, but rather an essential factor in enabling employees to reach their personal and professional potential.

The importance of workplace wellbeing is cemented in the foundations here at Birchwood Park, and we consistently see how developing a positive company environment can foster a workforce to achieve both their short and long-term goals.

With our pioneering a community-led workplace culture, occupiers and personnel at all levels are encouraged to come together and collaborate in one space. As our parks’ philosophy focuses on strengthening the relationship between wellbeing and productivity, we firmly believe that more can be achieved together.

Our status as the North West’s largest out-of-town business destination is certainly evident to that, and as we continue to invest in workplace wellbeing initiatives, we are confident that or ambitious to provide occupiers offices that are much more than just a desk will remain uncompromised.

We have been successful in our cause to create a positive and productive community as we understand that regardless of role, industry or sector, workplace wellbeing is essential to all occupiers.

With the working environment often being fast-paced, where employees can be required to work long hours, meet tight deadlines, and manage complex workloads, stress and burnout can occur when left unmanaged. As a result, employee moral and productivity is at risk of decreasing.

However, by prioritising workplace wellbeing, our occupiers are assured that employees not only feel valued, supported and safe, but that they can come to workplace which offers inclusivity and flexibility to ensure their needs are met, no matter how demanding they may be.

With a community of 6,000 people from 165 companies, we have specifically developed a wide range of workplace wellbeing initiatives to be accessible and open to all occupiers. This is what we call ParkLife.


With the ability to promote flexibility and inclusivity, no matter the size of business, ParkLife remains immensely popular amongst our occupiers as it provides a whole host of fun, engaging and social events, such as fitness classes, comedy nights, onsite massages, dance classes, foodie experiences, as well as designated Wellbeing Months throughout the year.

Putting on an active, continuous programme not only helps motivate and refocus employees, whilst increasing productivity, but it also makes the workplace much more than a destination to do work – it becomes a vibrant and supportive community.

Building this stronger sense of culture among a unified workforce can help individuals become better communicators and collaborators, giving them more value as a team member and ultimately lead to a higher level of performance.

Wellbeing Hub

In addition to the programme of activities on the Park’s site, we also help occupiers implement an enhanced strategy to better support their staff by taking on a consultancy role. We have created our very own dedicated Wellbeing Hub which offers a wide range of best practise advice and tips to help it easier for businesses achieve greater wellbeing at work.

This includes our workplace wellbeing handbook, employee wellbeing calculator and our ready-made well-being package, which includes the on-site gym Alive & Well, in addition to entire weeks dedicated to well-being throughout the year.

Our occupiers who have successfully introduced wellbeing practices into the workplace, in a way that works for their employees, empowers them to be happier, healthier and able to achieve their professional potential.

When there is access to the best tools and initiatives that enables them to integrate wellbeing into their lives and carry out their jobs in the best possible way, each of our occupiers could achieve greater staff satisfaction, increased staff retention and a more productive workforce.

Our dedicated Park team has also curated numerous amenities to not only support the workplace wellbeing of our occupiers, but also boost their productivity and mental health during office breaks, lunch hours or when they are exploring the Park’s grounds.

Birchwood Park amenities and greenspaces

We know this is in high demand from occupiers following our own research, which revealed that among the top areas in which employees wish to be supported to improve workplace wellbeing are adaptations to the working environment for comfort purposes and greater emphasis on at-work socialisation and social events with colleagues.

With high quality food and drink options from the EngineRooms, as well as expansive green spaces, employees are provided with the perfect refuelling replenishments before returning to the office to complete the working day.

Having a wide range of these facilities onsite provides employees with an environment that can interact and communicate in a less formal, more relaxed way. Regular social interactions cultivate and strengthen professional relationships among colleagues, leading to a more constructive and cooperative work atmosphere when returning to the workplace.

As the workforce becomes more familiar and affable, a stronger team dynamic is established, ultimately enhancing productivity.

In addition to those based on the Park, our amenities also make it the ideal location for client or visitor meetings, which can often be crucial to forming meaningful and long lasting business relationships.

Work-life balance

As the Park is home to regional, national and international businesses, we ensure that the long lasting benefits that flexible working is also offered to all. Not only do we believe that having flexible and comfortable workspace on site enables employees to work more efficiently and effectively, but with access to high-speed internet, modern technology, and comfortable furniture, can help to boost their productivity and creativity.

Most importantly, working at the Park provides a much more improved work-life balance which we believe many other business park’s in the region simply cannot match. Flexible working spaces can help employees find a wider separation between their work and personal lives, as they will be able to better manage their workloads, deadlines and priorities in an environment that helps reduce stress and improving their overall wellbeing.

Ultimately, we believe that workplace wellbeing has a positive correlation with productivity. When employees are happy, healthy, and engaged, they are more likely to perform at their best. As a result, they are also more likely to stay with their employer for longer, reducing staff turnover and tedious recruitment fees.

Additionally, companies with a positive workplace culture often have a better reputation, making them more attractive to potential employees and clients, leading to more long-term success.

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