Location, Location, Location – How retaining and attracting staff can start outside the office

07 February 2023

A business’ location can be one of its strongest assets.

Never before has the physical workplace been such an important factor in a business’ ability to not only attract, but also retain employees. As the modern way of working involves much more than bricks and mortar or a conventional office space, a business’ premises must work harder to inspire and motivate who they hire.

This shift in employee expectations is largely due to hybrid working becoming the mainstream standard. With businesses across the UK offering more freedom, employees can work when and where they are most productive, whilst also reducing their daily commute and thus, spending more time at home.

Despite this flexibility, for many working from home can be fatiguing, isolating and adversely impact their work-life balance. The desire for further interaction with colleagues, to work more collaboratively and to establish separation between personal and professional lives, is still very much sought after.

As a result, employees are drawn to situations that offer the best of both worlds. They do want to return to the office as long as it is convenient and doesn’t completely compromise the benefits that flexible working offers.

Location is key to offering a better work-life balance  

Not without its challenges but providing employees with a great work-life balance will certainly keep satisfaction levels high, which can often lead to a positive working culture and ultimately a boost in company performance.

For instance, data from Deloitte’s Global 2022 Survey revealed that 39% of Millennials and 32% of Gen-Z’s believe offering a good work-life balance is the main reason to work for an organisation.

At Birchwood Park, we’ve worked hard to cultivate a pioneering community-led environment that promotes flexibility and inclusivity, because of our ability to adapt and evolve workspaces to even the most specific demands.

As proud as we are to have forged a unique space where employees are empowered to reach both their personal and professional potential, the Park also has another advantage that consistently brings regional, national and international businesses together – our location.

Now, as the park is home to more than 6,000 people from 165 companies, we have witnessed first-hand how the location of a business can be transformative for many reasons, but none more so than the role it plays in recruiting, attracting and retaining the very best talent.

Talent retention

Where an office or place of work is situated will be a significant factor in the success and growth of the business. This is largely down to the talent available in a particular catchment area. It is therefore critical that a business considers not only what type of candidate they require, but also what they can offer that candidate.

Although Birchwood Park is the North West’s largest out-of-town business destination, we are in close proximity of a number of bustling university cities, such as Manchester and Liverpool. As such, no matter the size, sector or requirements, our occupiers are able to recruit from an enormous talent pool.

For instance, as the Park is a celebrated centre for innovation in science, technology and nuclear, many of our occupiers require access to university-educated or highly skilled candidates which are often found in major city centres.

However, the ability to offer prospective candidates an alternative to city centre working, which still provides the same or if not better facilities and amenities, has enabled the Park to attract experts and industry leaders from a variety of different sectors.

Take it from one of our very own occupiers, Keith Wallace, Senior Director, Onshore Service Region UK and Ireland – Vestas. Keith revealed that during the recruitment phase it is extremely helpful to show that their offices are in an environment which “is a really attractive place to work.”

He explained, “The entire team at Birchwood Park are extremely responsive, supportive and go above and beyond to ensure all our needs are met, no matter how complex they be. Ever since we’ve been here, the park’s high standards have never waned, nor has the team’s commitment to maintain the upkeep of the whole park.”


To maximise the potential of recruiting from a highly populated area, however, is highly dependent on accessibility and convenience. As a central point to drive to Warrington, Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds, Birchwood Park is uniquely located close to accessible and major road networks.

As part of our commitment to become Net Zero in all our managed areas and buildings by 2030 and aiming to be Net Zero in all our occupier managed buildings by 2040, our award-winning travel plan also supports occupiers to find alternatives to single occupancy car use.

In addition to high quality facilities for cyclists, the Park offers a free to use shuttle bus link to Birchwood Station, exclusive discount of around 50% off Warrington Bus saver tickets, car share initiatives and regular events to promote Greener Travel.

This is now a necessity for many prospective candidates as they seek out employment opportunities that will enable them to achieve a better work-life balance. Although it may seem rather simple, ensuring new and existing employees can travel effectively, will undoubtedly make their lives so much easier.

Like Greg Willetts, Vice President, Technology, Consulting & Innovation, Jacobs, stated, “the location of the Park is a hugely beneficial for us. Warrington is a great place to live and work and transport networks make it easily accessible for our clients and the companies we work with.”

At Birchwood Park, we truly believe that the workplace is much more than just a desk, it is place we people come together, collaborative and create great work. These all the key ingredients to create a great work-life balance. But this all starts with the location!

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